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You will find on this modest website some reports of events about Japanophilia in Paris (manga, video games, J-Music, Fashion, martial arts shows ...) served with lots of pictures and real pieces of cosplay, to consume without moderation in the J & T (reports) section.

J & T (reportages)

Last reports

Japan Expo 17 Epitanime 2016 Paris Manga 21 Paris Manga 17 Japan Expo 2015

Last pictures

 ()  ()  () Italy :  Tomoyo, Sakura (Card Captor Sakura) Italy :  The Earthy (Card Captor Sakura)
Niou !

Besides the possibility to to discover or revisit events, this website offers you a bank of images (with more than 40,000 photos) searchable through TEHOO , the built-in search engine which can find everything (or almost) on the website in 3 seconds. And if you want to help referencing this photographic treasure, the manual is at page :
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Upcoming events :

Japan Expo 17e impact (7-10 juillet 2016)
Japan Expo 17e impact (7-10 juillet 2016)

Paris Manga 22e édition (4-6 novembre 2016)
Paris Manga 22e édition (4-6 novembre 2016)

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